The Perfect fruit (Bloomsbury, 2009) tells The creation story of the pluot, a plum-apricot hybrid developed by the legendary fruit breeder, Floyd Zaiger. Here are some nice things people said about it: 
"Chip Brantley has written a classic account of a modern fruit. The telling is sharp-eyed and droll, and like all great books about food, The Perfect Fruit has as much to do with the people behind the food as it does with the food itself.” ―Julian Rubinstein, author of the holly and Ballad of the Whiskey Robber
"Chip Brantley brings such passionate curiosity to the subject--and to the machinations of the growers, the technicalities of pollination, even the politics of marketing blocs--that the world of the pluot becomes a whole world, replete with heroes, villains, tragedies, and triumphs." ―Thomas McNamee, author of Alice Waters and Chez Panisse
"Brantley's engaging mixture of agronomy, reportage and food porn... goes down easy" — Publishers Weekly 

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